Adding Bitcoin with Cake Wallet 4.1.0

February 2, 2021 · 1 min read

We have just released our biggest update of Cake Wallet for iOS and Android. The biggest change in this version 4.10 is that now you can hold, send. receive, and exchange Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin wallet(s) in Cake are 100% optional. You don’t get one unless you create it. If you only use the wallet for Monero, please use the wallet as you normally do. But, if you want a Bitcoin wallet, you can create one or many.

Features in this version are:

  • Bitcoin wallet (Electrum - SegWit)
  • Bitcoin fee selection
  • Exchange BTC and XMR within the app. Before, you had to use an external BTC wallet.
  • Full app data backup with password (file to a location of your choice)
  • Notes for each transaction
  • Monero wallet loading/syncing improvements
  • New light minimalistic theme
  • Direct link to block explorers for Bitcoin and Monero
  • Other minor bug fixes

Bitcoin support is essential to allow simple trades without the need for another wallet.

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