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Cake Labs
Cake Labs builds helpful cryptocurrency software focused on everyday use and on solving common problems.

Cake Labs develops the noncustodial and open-source Cake Wallet, offers Cake Pay for cryptocurrency payments, and maintains for Monero resources.

If you are interested in working with any of our projects, please contact us!

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What we do

Cake Labs builds cryptocurrency software focused on creating a powerful user experience. Our software is entirely driven by user demand, which has allowed us to build a strong, loyal following.

Cake Wallet

250,000 Users · Since Jan 2018

Cake Wallet is a leading non-custodial wallet with over 250,000 users on iOS and Android.

It is built with user experience in mind, and it offers many advanced features under the hood.

Cake Wallet supports buying and selling with fiat, includes cryptocurrency exchanges, and features a marketplace.

10,000 Users · Since Jan 2022 is a collection of Monero-related resources. by Cake Wallet is also a Cake Wallet fork that is focused entirely around a Monero experience. offers education about Monero, includes an exchange where users can buy Monero with Bitcoin or a credit card, and includes a modern block explorer.

Cake Pay

Since Aug 2022

Cake Pay makes it easy to buy new gift cards with cryptocurrencies for use at millions of merchants worldwide!

Cake Pay Web includes global merchants and cards. We will incorporate more web merchants into our mobile experience over time.

Our values

Cake Labs must uphold important values to create software that our users care about.

Cake Labs software is built to protect users with careful implementation and sensible defaults.
Cake Labs software is built to empower individuals.
Cake Labs prioritizes design and user experience above all else.


Cake Labs works with a variety of exchanges, merchants and cryptocurrency services to provide a seamless experience for users.

Contact us

Cake Labs is always interested in partnering with other companies to deliver better offerings to our users and customers. We look forward to hearing from you!



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