IVPN partners with Cake Labs to offer private VPN payments with Monero

April 19, 2023 · 2 min read

Cake Labs is extremely excited to announce that IVPN is now using our Cake Labs Pricing API to offer Monero payments to its customers!

IVPN is one of the most respected VPN providers, and they are a supporter of the Monero community. You don’t even need an email to create an account, and they have a consumer-friendly privacy policy.

Cake Labs is the creator of Cake Wallet a leading noncustodial wallet. We needed to get accurate fiat pricing data to our end users, and we found that other providers have bad privacy policies and were costly.

To address these issues, Cake Labs has made a fiat pricing API. IVPN uses this API to quickly and easily query the price of XMR for them to charge their customers a fair price. Cake Labs uses the same API to deliver fiat pricing data to Cake Wallet end users.

IVPN and Cake Labs are two well-respected names in the privacy community. We are excited to work together to allow people to pay for their VPN privately!

“Recently we needed to replace our previous XMR pricing API and found out Cake Labs offers one. It was clear we would trust them over any other provider to build this service the right way,” said Viktor Vecsei, the COO of IVPN. “Cake and IVPN have been supporting many of the same content creators and conferences recently, and we are glad to have finally found a way to work together.”

“We are thrilled to work with IVPN. The Monero community was extremely excited when IVPN first started accepting Monero,” said Vik Sharma, the CEO of Cake Labs. “It’s great that we can support such a fantastic service with our robust pricing API.”

To learn more about Cake Labs’s pricing API, please visit pricing-api-docs.cakelabs.com or email us at partners@cakelabs.com.

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