Cake Wallet 4.5.0 Completes Our Major Flutter Upgrade

November 14, 2022 · 2 min read

Cake Wallet 4.5.0 and 1.2.0 are finally out after months of work! This is one of the largest updates ever to improve the codebase.


  • Flutter update from 2 to 3. This change fixes a huge number of grievances that people have run into the years for substantially better reliability, particularly for CalyxOS and GrapheneOS users.
  • Auto exchange improvements for better reliability.
  • Reinstatement of improved backup functionality. Flutter 3 allows us to take advantage of new, more straightforward cryptography libraries. Thanks to Cypher Stack for helping us out with this!
  • For Cake Wallet: New Buy widget using Onramper! Onramper built a convenient widget that allows you to query the rates of many different options at once. Previously, we supported Wyre and MoonPay only. These options are still there, along with many others. For many trades, you will save >2% by using the cheapest option with more providers. Of course, you can easily choose you preferred provider. We hear they’re working with 1 provider to offer XMR purchases direct to your noncustodial wallet in some countries in the near future 🤫
  • Small UI fixes.
  • Small bug fixes.

Video of Onramper integration:

This is a delayed rollout, so you may not see the update in the stores yet. We ran a long beta program to catch as many new bugs as we could. Android users and iOS users will see the updates first, with iOS Cake Wallet users getting the updates most conservatively. As always, please report any issues you run into to

Thanks for supporting an MIT-licensed open source wallet! With all the recent cryptocurrency exchange drama, make sure to hold your own coins! Your keys, your coins.

Cake Wallet (multi-coin wallet)

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  • Android APK: by Cake Wallet (Monero-only wallet)

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