Tor Only Mode, Anonymous Coin Swapping with Trocador & more with Cake Wallet 4.6.0!

March 7, 2023 · 2 min read

As a privacy first wallet we are excited to announce Tor-only fiat API & exchange options are now available! When exchange & fiat API are set to Tor only, and a user is using a Tor node, then the wallet software will explicitly disallow clearnet connections for those, preventing accidental privacy leaks.

We’ve added Trocador to the exchange! Trocador is an exchange aggregator and one of the hottest new ways to trade XMR. We’re adding Trocador AnonPay in a future update, so stay tuned for that as well!

Additionally you can now send and receive coins via Twitter using Bird Pay addresses in Tweets and Bios! Bird Pay Bird Pay looks for a Bitcoin, Monero, and/or Litecoin address in someone’s Twitter bio or pinned tweet. It looks up this info if a user types @username in the send screen. It only pulls in the address for the relevant asset and this update adds the pinned tweet as an option.


  • Add Tor-only fiat API and exchange options.
  • Add Trocador.
  • Bird Pay Address lookups from Pinned Tweet (in addition to bio).
  • Added Indonesian, Czech, Urdu, and Bulgarian translations.
  • Enhanced and reduced error reports.
  • Fix Haven sync for Android only (not iOS yet).
  • Add confirmations to Monero/Haven transaction view.
  • Bug fixes.

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