Announcing Cake Pay in Cake Wallet

August 4, 2022 · 2 min read

We are extremely excited to announce Cake Pay! Cake Pay is the largest update to Cake Wallet and, ever.

Cake Pay allows Cake Wallet and app users to instantly purchase gift cards with XMR, BTC and LTC!

  • Only email needed!
  • Buy arbitrary amounts, eg: $354.23!
  • Save 1-3% on ALL supported merchants!
  • Most cards work both online and in-store!
  • Works at over 150,000 locations in the US!
  • Brand new cards through authorized sellers!
  • Instant acceptance!

Cake Pay is ONLY available in Cake Wallet and in the app.

As mentioned in our MoneroKon announcement, people actually use Monero for payments. We are extremely excited to offer Cake Pay within Cake Wallet, which we believe will allow Monero adoption to grow to new heights.

Cake Pay works by getting the gift cards for a discount and passing a portion of the savings along to you! You can buy clothes, groceries, food, travel, and more!

We are offering free $20 gift cards of your choice to those who get out and use Cake Pay! Before August 13th, record a video of you checking out in-person or online with Cake Pay and do the following:

  • Post the video on Twitter or YouTube
  • Make a tweet including the video
  • Tag @cakewallet
  • Use the hashtag #CakePay
  • DM @cakewallet (on Twitter) your Cake Pay account email
  • Can’t just be a screen recording

Limit 1 per person. You must receive the gift card and complete the payment. Your video must be unique. We will send a $20 gift card that’s available in Cake Pay to your Cake Pay account.

Cool screenshots and videos!

Thanks for using Cake Wallet! This is just the start of the marketplace section of our app. Let us know what you think! We’ve also made great progress to get a Monero 0.18 update ready before the network upgrade; stay tuned!

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